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Rough Markets
Polished Markets
David Bouffard Signet
Signet Aims to Rubber-Stamp Synthetics Detectors
Signet Jewelers is planning to open a testing laboratory forsynthetic-diamond detectors to ensure its suppliers can confidently say theyare only dealing in natural stones.The company has been working with UnitedLaboratories (UL), a product-testing firm, for the...
Retail Mar 26, 2017 Joshua Freedman
Mothae mine Lucapa
Lucapa Values Mothae Resources at $1,063/ct.
The Mothae mining project in Lesotho contains mineralresources worth an estimated $1,063 per carat, according to Lucapa DiamondCompany, which recently acquired the asset.Mothae holds 1.04 million carats of diamond resources,with a grade of 2.7 carats per...
Mining Mar 26, 2017 Rapaport News
Rogers and Hollands
Rogers & Hollands Launches Cut-Price Model
Rogers & Hollands Jewelers has introduced a discountstore model as it aims to adapt its business to consumer needs.The retailer will rebrand two stores in the Chicago areaunder the Rogers & Hollands Outlet label in April, offering...
Retail Mar 26, 2017 Rapaport News
GJEPCS awards 2016
Kiran, Laxmi Dominate GJEPC Awards
Kiran Gems and Laxmi Diamond were the big winners at the2016 India Gem & Jewellery Awards, which the country’s Gem & JewelleryExport Promotion Council (GJEPC) hosted last week.The Mumbai-based Kiran Gems...
Polished Markets Mar 26, 2017 Rapaport News
Rapaport TradeWire March 23, 2017
RAPAPORT NEWS SERVICE | March 23, 2017...
Research Mar 23, 2017 Rapaport
Rapaport Weekly Market Comment
Polished market upbeat with steady orders from U.S. and Chinese jewelers.Improving demand for big stones as Basel show begins with fewer companiesattending due to high exhibitor costs. Sotheby’s to offer Oval, 59.60 ct., FancyVivid Pink, IF Pink Star diamond at Apr. 4 Hong Kong auction with...
Polished Markets Mar 23, 2017 Rapaport News
India Arch
Rapaport Weekly Indian Market Report
Good mood in the market. Firm prices for smallerdiamonds signal diminishing negative impact of demonetization on local trading.Steady demand for E-I, VS-SI dossiers, especially in 0.40 cts. Largemanufacturers near full production and able to turn...
Research Mar 23, 2017 Rapaport News
Industry Stock Ticker Stock Image
Rapaport Diamond Industry Stock Tracker
Dominion Diamond (+44%) and Stornoway Diamond (+12%) both gained significant value following reports the pair were in merger talks, with Dominion also boosted by a separate $1.1 billion takeover bid from Washington Companies....
Financial-Legal Mar 23, 2017 Rapaport News
De Beers Diamond Jewellers
Will Retail Help De Beers ‘Build Forever’?
Taking control of the De Beers Diamond Jewellers (DBDJ) retail operation from LVMH has completed De Beers transformation from a mining company into a diamond luxury group.The acquisition means that not only is De Beers effectively spread...
Retail Mar 23, 2017 Avi Krawitz
Alrosa Sorting
ALROSA Upbeat Despite Sales Decline
ALROSA sales fell 6 percent to an estimated $1.25 billion during the first quarter even as its rough diamond prices firmed, the company reported at an investor conference on Wednesday. The miner’s rough diamond price index rose...
Mining Mar 23, 2017 Rapaport News
Tina Rohde Artistry, Ltd., and Kato Photography
WJA Unveils ‘Shining Star’ Award Winners
The Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) announced thewinners of its “Shining Star” awards for 2017, which recognize the serviceprovided to the organization by one member of each regional chapter.The WJA honored the winners at an event following...
Retail Mar 23, 2017 Rapaport News
Chinese Consumer
China’s Polished Imports Rise in 2016
China’s polished diamond imports increased 4.9 percent to$7.02 billion last year, according to data from the China Customs InformationCenter.By weight, polished imports increased 1.2 percent to 7.7million carats, while the average price...
Polished Markets Mar 23, 2017 Rapaport News
Swiss Watch Dip Expected to Solidify Market
The Swiss watch industry remained cautious atthe start of the Baselworld show this week as data indicated a continuedslowdown in the timepiece trade.The exhibition opened in Basel on Thursday, with the Federation of the SwissWatch Industry reporting...
Watches Mar 23, 2017 Rapaport News
Dominion, Stornoway in Merger Talks: Report
Dominion Diamond Corporation and Stornoway DiamondCorporation have held discussions over a merger, Reuters reported this week, asDominion continued to denigrate a separate takeover offer from the Washington Companies.The merger talks cover the possibility...
Mining Mar 22, 2017 Rapaport News
Liu Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of the Diamo
Shenzhen Bourse to Embrace Polished Diamonds
The Shenzhen Rough Diamond Exchange (SRDE) plans to expandinto polished trading and is preparing to rename itself to reflect the upgrade.The bourse is in the process of rebranding as the ShenzhenDiamond Exchange and has been trialing imports of polished...
Polished Markets Mar 22, 2017 Rapaport News
Bharat Diamond Bourse
India’s Polished Exports Improve in Feb.
India’s polished exports rose 3 percent to $2.41 billion in February, according to data published by the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). The country, considered a bellwether of global polished diamond production, exported a slightly lower...
Polished Markets Mar 22, 2017 Rapaport News
Mike Aggett - TAGS
TAGS to Hold Six Dubai Rough Tenders
Trans Atlantic Gem Sales (TAGS) will host six rough diamond tenders at the Dubai Diamond Exchange this year, the companies announced. The collaboration aims to enable suppliers with smaller production to present their...
Rough Markets Mar 21, 2017 Rapaport News
De Beers China Store
De Beers Buys Out LVMH Retail Partner
De Beers has taken full ownership of the De Beers Diamond Jewellers (DBDJ) retail operation, the mining company said Tuesday.The group bought the 50-percent stake owned by LVMH, which previously operated the stores, for...
Retail Mar 21, 2017 Rapaport News
Rapaport Auctions Sells Over 83,000 Carats of Diamonds for $12.5M in Hong Kong
PRESS RELEASE, March 21, 2017, New York ... Rapaport Auctions, the world's leading recycler of diamonds, closed its Hong Kong auctions this month at one of the largest jewelry shows of the year. The...
Polished Markets Mar 21, 2017 Rapaport
Maryam Al Hashemi - UAE KP
Al Hashemi to Head KP Participation Committee
The United Arab Emirates’ representative at the Kimberley Process (KP), Maryam Al Hashemi, has been appointed to chair the KP’s Committee on Participation and Chairmanship for this year, the UAE recently reported.The committee – which...
Rough Markets Mar 21, 2017 Rapaport News
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