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RapNet New Certs Program

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What is the RapNet New Certs Program?

New Certs
Diamonds are listed on RapNet as soon as laboratory results are finalized
Shorten the time from certification to sale
Exclusive and highlighted listings area for New Certs
The New Certs program attracts retail jewelers and other RapNet buyers who can be confident that no one else has listed the diamond for sale on the Internet. New and Exclusive are powerful selling tools.

Suppliers - How to list your diamonds on the RapNet New Certs Listings?

  1. Agree to list these diamonds exclusively on RapNet for a limited time (minimum three business days, maximum seven days). Exclusive means that the diamond is not and has not ever been listed anywhere else on the Internet except on RapNet or your own website. Only diamonds offered exclusively on RapNet will be available on the “New Cert” service.
  2. Give RapNet permission to receive your diamond data direct from the laboratory and we will take care of the rest.
  3. Manage your New Certs directly on the RapNet Website.

Where will RapNet New Certs be viewed?

The New Cert listings will be promoted on RapNet and be emailed to RapNet members from Monday to Friday at 10am NY time.

How do I sign up?

Are you a RapNet member? Sign up here to join New Certs today.
Or: Sign up here to become a RapNet member and participate in the New Certs Program

Call Us: 1-702-893-9400
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