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We Make it Easier to Sell Diamonds!

You want to sell diamonds? We have the buyers for you on RapNe. Join RapNet now and sell diamonds to customers all over the world. RapNet is the world’s largest, most secure business-to-business diamond network. On RapNet, you can connect with thousands of diamond professionals and sell diamonds to our reputable buyers, no matter where they are in the world. Build relationships and deal directly with the buyers—on RapNet, there are no commissions. Learn more about the benefits for RapNet members.

Expand your business exponentially without ever leaving your office. Watch your customer base grow as you meet and get to know buyers from over 75 different countries. With RapNet, members have full access to each other’s contact details. We also have a community run rating system in the member directory– so that companies can rank each other and provide additional clarity when dealing with another RapNet member. RapNet also organizes “offline” buyer and seller meets, so you can put a face to that name.

RapNet members have access to the Rapaport Diamond Price List and the RapNet Price List with its best and average prices, which are used extensively throughout the diamond industry to evaluate diamond prices. When diamond industry professionals are looking to sell diamonds, they use the Rapaport Diamond Price List as a benchmark. . RapNet members also get real-time price information online, any time of the day or night using the TradeScreen and the RapNet customized search engine. Learn more all the features of RapNet.

To sell diamonds efficiently and effectively, upload your diamond inventory with their certificates to our database, so potential buyers, wherever they are, can view the certificate of your diamond. Buyers also list specific ‘buy requests’ and if it matches your stock an email is sent automatically to the potential buyer notifying them of a match. Members can also check buy requests manually to see if they have certain diamonds that match the specifications that the buyer is looking for. If you have the diamond the buyer needs, you can get in touch with them directly!

RapNet members are also emailed the Rapaport weekly report which delivers the most important diamond and jewelry industry analysis, news and comments right to your inbox. This vital information will give you an up-to-date understanding of current diamond industry trends worldwide. Don’t try to sell diamonds without RapNet by your side! Join RapNet now to take advantage of all of the benefits we have to offer.

Rapaport Auctions

Rapaport also organizes diamond auctions throughout the year, where you have a chance to sell diamonds in an efficient cash market. Get the best price for your diamonds in a safe and secure bidding environment where Rapaport brings the sellers to bid on your diamonds. Learn more about Rapaport Auctions.

Products and Services
Rapaport钻石价格表 — 业内通称“国际钻石价格表(单)”、“国际钻石报价表(单)”或“国际报价”— 是钻石定价信息的来源,在整个钻石行业被广泛使用于评估钻石价格。




使用Rapaport的GIA LabDirect和AGS钻石送检服务,将钻石送达鉴定所分级。只要将你的钻石送到印度、比利时和以色列当地的Rapaport办事处,我们就可以处理其他一切事务。你可以在线追踪你的钻石并在它们分级后查询结果。

RapNet Instant Inventory,就可以为你的客户提供更多的选择、更多的钻石。

Investment Diamonds
Investment diamond services to select institutional and private clients
The Rapaport Group is developing a transparent, efficient, liquid market for select, GIA graded and Rapaport certified investment diamonds.
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Buy 你要的钻石就在RapNet上,通过RapNet购买钻石可以让你在遵守所在国法律的前提下与卖家直接联系和交易,无需中间商,无需佣金。

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