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Diamond Jewelry
Confidence in the Diamond Dream
“All value in the diamond business emanates from the consumer desire for our product. Without that consumer desire, there would be no investment in exploration, there would be no investment in new mines, no one would build any...
Polished Markets Jun 12, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Press Release: GIA Opens Company Registration for New York Career Fair
Press Release: Gem and jewelry companies seeking skilled and motivated talent are invited to participate in the Gemological Institute of America's (GIA) New York Jewelry Career Fair on Monday, July 27. The acclaimed annual...
Marketing Jun 10, 2015 GIA
Israel Diamond Exchange
IDE Arbitrators to Weigh Cases Involving 424 Canceled GIA Grading Reports
The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) will appoint a special panel of arbitrators to hear cases regarding the sale of diamonds determined by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to have undergone undisclosed color treatment.Shmuel Schnitzer, IDE's president,...
Polished Markets Jun 09, 2015 Ronen Shnidman
GIA Grading Report
Rapaport Trade Alert -- Revised
Revised May 21, 2015 … The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has issued a laboratory alert recalling 424 diamond grading reports. The GIA suspects that the diamond were treated with a process that temporarily...
Polished Markets May 21, 2015 Rapaport
Press Release: GIA Schedules Services, Briefings, Seminars at JCK
Press Release: Attendees of the 2015 JCK gem and jewelry show at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas can visit the Gemological Institute of America's (GIA) booth (L99) from May 29 to June...
Research May 18, 2015 GIA
GECI logo
Press Release: GECI Lab Responds to Latest Diamond Grading Challenge
Press Release: The researchers and analysts at GECI laboratory in Milan have reacted quickly to the serious suspicion of a new treatment that temporarily enhances the color of diamonds. Overnight, the Milan-based lab began an exhaustive and...
Polished Markets May 18, 2015 GECI
Press Release: Blom Reiterates Zero Tolerance for Undisclosed Diamond Treatments
Press Release: The World Federation of Diamond Bourses' (WFDB) president, Ernie Blom, expressed his concern over a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) statement stating that around 500 colorless, to near-colorless diamonds were submitted, primarily...
Polished Markets May 13, 2015 WFDB
Israel Diamond Exchange
Press Release: IDE's Statement on GIA Lab Alert Regarding Treated Diamonds
Press Release: The president and the board of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) issued a statement today, expressing concerns about reported suspicions that traders have distributed close to 500 high-quality, treated polished diamonds...
Polished Markets May 13, 2015 IDE
GIA Grading Report
Rapaport Trade Alert: GIA Recalls 424 Grading Reports
May 12, 2015…The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has issued a laboratory alert recalling 424 diamond grading reports. The diamonds were treated with a process that temporarily improved their color by up to three grades. A full...
Polished Markets May 12, 2015 Rapaport
GIA Notifies the Trade of Undisclosed Diamond Treatment
The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) reported that approximately 500 colorless to near-colorless diamonds that were submitted primarily to GIA’s grading laboratory in Ramat Gan, Israel, were potentially subjected to an undisclosed temporary treatment.GIA believes that...
Polished Markets May 12, 2015 Jeff Miller
Press Release: Gems & Gemology Explores a World of Colored Gems
Press Release: The first Gems & Gemology (G&G) issue of 2015 takes a journey around the world to review Vietnamese blue spinel, Moroccan amethyst, Mozambique ruby, contemporary Chinese jewelry designs and the Tucson...
Research May 01, 2015 GIA
Press Release: GIA Debuts Website in Simplified Chinese
Press Release: The Gemological Institute of America's (GIA) website at GIA.edu is now available in Simplified Chinese, giving 650 million Internet users who use Chinese as their principal language access to trusted resources, including information on the...
Marketing Apr 08, 2015 GIA
GIA Dreams of Diamonds
Press Release: GIA's Dreams of Diamonds Exhibit Comes to Southern California
Press Release: Seven of the world’s finest diamond houses will showcase exceptionally rare diamonds and elaborate jewelry for a limited time in Southern California to coincide with the debut of “Dreams of Diamonds,” the largest book...
Polished Markets Apr 02, 2015 GIA
Polished Diamonds
Polished Diamond Prices Fall in March
PRESS RELEASE: April 1, 2015, New York…Polished diamond prices softened in March as trading volume was restricted by weak demand. Diamond market sentiment was weak throughout the first quarter. Jewelry retailers avoided large inventory...
Polished Markets Apr 01, 2015 Rapaport
GIA & De Beers to Speak on Synthetic Diamonds March 22
The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and De Beers Technologies U.K. will host a panel of speakers on the topic of synthetic diamonds during GIA GemFest Basel 2015 on Sunday, March 22 at the Congress Center Basel in Switzerland. Tom...
Research Mar 03, 2015 Jeff Miller
Press Release: GIA Creates GemKids for Schools Curriculum
Press Release: Third through fifth grade teachers have a new colorful way to engage and excite students about geology, minerology and gemology through the Gemological Institute of America's (GIA) new GemKids for Schools...
Marketing Feb 04, 2015 GIA
GIA Museum Displays Intricate Animal Carvings by Dreher
More than 20 intricately carved and lifelike animal sculptures by gemstone carvers Gerd and Patrick Dreher will go on exhibit at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad, California, beginning February 19. The Dreher family, whose...
Gemstones Jan 29, 2015 Jeff Miller
Press Release: GIA Revises Colored Stone, Pearl Reports
Press Release: Effective February 1, 2015, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will begin issuing revised colored stone and pearl reports and launch Report Check enhancements. The revised reports feature improved gemstone...
Research Jan 29, 2015 GIA
2015 Sign
A Happier Year Ahead?
Diamantaires were happy to see the back of 2014. After all, it was a tough year in which polished diamond prices declined, accelerating the general downtrend evident since mid-2011. Therefore, there is understandably some uncertainty about...
Polished Markets Jan 02, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Yellow Rough
The Diamond Story of 2014
The reduction of bank credit available to the diamond industry is a game changer that will influence the market for many years to come. Therefore, this column has chosen bank credit as its most important story...
Polished Markets Dec 26, 2014 Avi Krawitz
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