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Rough Markets
Polished Markets
Koffiefontein Diamond
Realigning Inventory
The middle of the diamond distribution chain is struggling to align itself with new, lower levels of wholesale demand. The result is that manufacturers and polished diamond dealers continue to be squeezed despite growth in consumer demand. Therefore,...
Polished Markets Mar 27, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Erik Jens
Diamond Industry Lacks Bankability, Not Liquidity
ABN Amro has been a major lender to the midstream diamond industry over the past century. More recently, the group has called on the diamond industry to improve its “bankability” as banks tighten their lending...
Financial-Legal Mar 27, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Market Comments 3/26/2015
Warning: De Beers $700M March sight destabilizing the market as it severely reduces liquidity and increases supply, while polished demand slumps due to weak currencies, Chinese crackdown and lower oil prices. Sightholders over-buying rough to ensure future supply ahead of April 1 new De Beers contract. Trade is advised...
Research Mar 26, 2015
Rapaport TradeWire March 27, 2015
RAPAPORT NEWS SERVICE | March 27, 2015...
Research Mar 26, 2015 Rapaport
Industry Stock Ticker Stock Image
Rapaport Diamond Industry Stock Tracker
The following lists diamond-industry public companies and their share price changes for the week that ended on March 26 at 4 p.m. Mar. 26 Mar. 19 Chng. $1 = Euro 0.918 0.939 -0.021 $1 = Rupee 62.84 62.52 0.3...
Financial-Legal Mar 26, 2015 Rapaport News
India Arch
Rapaport Weekly Indian Market Report
POLISHED: Overall activity remains slow . There are many overseas buyers in the market. Sentiment remains cautious. Liquidity remains tight due to financial year ending. Round -1 point: Good demand: $300-$500 whites. Fair demand:...
Research Mar 26, 2015 Rapaport News
fairtrade gold
Press Release: Interest in Fairtrade Gold Blossoms in 2015
Press Release: Enough gold to make over 3,700 Fairtrade gold wedding rings has arrived in the U.K. this month. The shipment, weighing 15 kg, was received by CRED Jewellery and marks the third month...
Fair Trade Mar 26, 2015 Fairtrade Foundation
ICA President Yuen
Press Release: ICA Creates Incentives to Attract Young Members
Press Release: The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) encourages younger members of the international colored gemstone industry to join, so it has reduced their fees and it will be taking further steps to develop a new, younger generation...
Gemstones Mar 26, 2015 ICA
Baselworld's Buyer Attendance Declines 3%
Organizers of Baselworld stated that the number of buyers at the show declined 3 percent compared with 2014. Still, overall attendance was at 150,000, with participants arriving from more than 100 countries. During the eight-day-long...
Marketing Mar 26, 2015 Jeff Miller
ALROSA Approves Verkhne-Munskoye Development Plan
ALROSA’s executive committee approved the development of the Verkhne-Munskoye field during the first half of this year. The project involves building a new diamond mining enterprise, anticipates an annual capacity of 3 million tons of ore and...
Mining Mar 26, 2015 Jeff Miller
Signet's Same-Store Sales Rise 4% in U.S., 8% in U.K.
Signet Jewelers Ltd. reported that sales rose 45.5 percent year on year to $2.276 billion in the fourth quarter that ended on January 31 and included the Christmas season. The increase was mainly due to Zale's...
Financial-Legal Mar 26, 2015 Jeff Miller
Israel Diamond Exchange
Press Release: IDE Hosts Intl. Rough Diamond Week in April
Press Release: The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) will hold its second International Rough Diamond Week (IRDW) from April 12 to 16, 2015, with a series of rough diamond tenders by ALROSA, De Beers, Rio Tinto Diamonds,...
Rough Markets Mar 26, 2015 IDE
India's Platinum Demand Rises
(RAPAPORT) Business Standard: The director of research at the World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC) said that India accounted for 38 percent of total demand for platinum in 2014. Jewelry and automotive needs are the two...
Polished Markets Mar 26, 2015 Business Standard
abn amro
ABN AMRO Returns to India
(RAPAPORT) Global Banking News: ABN AMRO Bank plans to return to India's banking space. The bank will focus on financing the gem and jewelry industry once it is approved to operate in the nation. The India's Central...
Financial-Legal Mar 26, 2015 Global Banking News
Stornoway Names Airport at Renard Mine
Stornoway Diamond Corporation officially opened the Clarence and Abel Swallow Airport at the company's Renard diamond mine in Quebec. The airport serves as the main entry point for employees, contractors and visitors to the...
Mining Mar 26, 2015 Deena Taylor
India Arch
Capital Flows Into India's Jewelry, Food, Apparel Sectors
(RAPAPORT) Images Retail: India's apparel, food service and jewelry retailers seem to be on a fundraising spree. While Pantaloons Fashion & Retail is planning to raise cash through NCD, Future Lifestyle Fashions have managed to hike its...
Financial-Legal Mar 25, 2015 Images Retail
alex ani store
U.S. Affluent Shoppers Cut Luxury Good Spending by 27%
Unity Marketing revealed that affluent U.S. consumers spent 26.5 percent less on luxury goods in the first quarter of 2015 compared with the fourth quarter of 2014. However, in the group's recent Luxury Consumption Index,...
Marketing Mar 25, 2015 Jeff Miller
Angolan Court Slaps Additional Charges on Marques de Morais
Rafael Marques de Morais, who exposed government and trading corruption across Angola's diamond industry with the book "Blood Diamonds: Torture and Corruption in Angola," faces additional defamation charges in his home country. Marques...
Financial-Legal Mar 25, 2015 Jeff Miller
Press Release: GIA Adopts Sarine's Instructor as Standard Software
Press Release: Singapore Exchange Mainboard-listed Sarine Technologies Ltd., a worldwide leader in the development, manufacture and sale of precision technology products for the planning, processing, evaluation and measurement of diamonds and gems, is pleased to announce...
Technology Mar 25, 2015 Sarine
Israel Diamond Exchange
Press Release: Israel Takes Steps to Revive Diamond Manufacturing
Press Release: An advanced “one-stop-shop” for diamond manufacturing, recently opened near the Israel diamond complex in Ramat Gan, is the first step in an ambitious plan by Israeli diamond leaders to bring back a large part of the offshore...
Manufacturing Mar 25, 2015 IDE
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