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zim sm
Investigators Probe Marange Diamond Firm Jinan for Transferring $546M
(RAPAPORT) Financial Gazette: Jinan Mining, a China-based diamond miner operating in the Marange, is under investigation for allegedly transferring $546 million without reporting the transaction. Jinan later brought the funds back into Zimbabwe...
Mining Apr 17, 2015 Financial Gazette
Sloppy Jewel Thief Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison
(RAPAPORT) Atlanta Journal-Constitution: A Florida man was sentenced to seven years in prison on Thursday for his role in a $1.6 million jewelry heist in Kennesaw, Georgia and it turns out that he was caught because he was a shoddy driver,...
Financial-Legal Apr 17, 2015 Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Chow Tai Fook Store
Chow Tai Fook Sales -9% in 4Q
Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd. reported that retail sales fell 9 percent year on year in the fourth quarter that ended on March 31, led by a 21 percent decline in Hong Kong, Macau and other markets,...
Retail Apr 17, 2015 Jeff Miller
lazare kaplan
Lazare Kaplan's Revenue -32% in 3Q
Lazare Kaplan International estimated that revenue fell 31.9 percent year on year to $9.8 million in the third quarter that ended on February 28. Diamond sales declined 33.8 percent to $9.2 million, while revenue from...
Manufacturing Apr 17, 2015 Jeff Miller
Paris Thieves Snatch Purse Containing $5M Worth of Jewels
(RAPAPORT) AFP: Paris police were hunting a trio of thieves who made off with a handbag containing $5.4 million worth of Chanel jewels in a smash-and-grab on the highway between Paris and Charles De Gaulle airport.A Taiwanese art...
Financial-Legal Apr 17, 2015 AFP
Jewelry Prices
U.S. Jewelry Price Index -4% in March
The U.S. consumer price index (CPI) for jewelry dropped 3.5 percent year on year to 165.6 points in March, which was basically unchanged from February. Comparatively, the CPI for watches was basically flat,...
Research Apr 17, 2015 Jeff Miller
Press Release: Cummings Manookian Class Action Suit Targets Diamond Overgrading
Press Release: The law firm of Cummings Manookian announced that it will begin filing a number of class action lawsuits centered on the dumping of billions of dollars of intentionally overgraded diamonds on hundreds of thousands of consumers. Diamond overgrading​ is the...
Financial-Legal Apr 17, 2015 Cummings Manookian
Bharat Diamond Bourse
Responsible Jewellery Council Holds 10th Annual General Meeting in India
India hosted the 10th annual general meeting of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) during which the organization announced its first executive committee member from civil society, Estelle Levin of Estelle Levin Ltd.,...
Marketing Apr 17, 2015 Zainab Morbiwala
Lucapa Recovers a 63-Ct. Diamond From Lulo
Lucapa Diamond Company Ltd. recovered an exceptional 63.05-carat, type IIa diamond from alluvial mining operations at its Lulo diamond concession in Angola. The large stone was produced from mining area 31 at Lulo, which is north...
Rough Markets Apr 17, 2015 Jeff Miller
Eli Eliezri
Corporations Fostering Awareness of Colored Gemstones
Eli Eliezri founded and manages the colored gemstone manufacturer Colgem and its sister company, Coldiam, which specializes in colored diamonds. He also served as president of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) between 1999...
Marketing Apr 17, 2015 Ronen Shnidman
Market Comments 4/16/2015
Polished markets weak with very low trading volume. Polished prices relatively stable following recent corrections but dealers uncertain about the future. Miners keeping rough prices high but selling less goods. ALROSA rough prices +2% to+3% at April sale, but reportedly allows...
Research Apr 16, 2015
Rapaport TradeWire April 17, 2015
RAPAPORT NEWS SERVICE | April 17, 2015...
Research Apr 16, 2015 Rapaport
Industry Stock Ticker Stock Image
Rapaport Diamond Industry Stock Tracker
The following lists diamond-industry public companies and their share price changes for the week that ended on April 16 at 4 p.m. Apr. 16 Apr. 8 Chng. $1 = Euro 0.928 0.927 0.001 $1 = Rupee 62.30 62.20 0.1...
Financial-Legal Apr 16, 2015 Rapaport News
India Arch
Rapaport Weekly Indian Market Report
POLISHED: Activity is slow for polished goods. Few overseas buyers are town but dealer sentiment remains cautious, while the liquidity situation continues to be tight. Round -1 point: Good demand: $300-$500 whites. Fair demand:...
Research Apr 16, 2015 Rapaport News
blue diamond
Petra's Revenue -41% to $96M in 3Q
Petra Diamonds reported that revenue fell 41 percent year on year to $96.1 million in the third quarter that ended on March 31. The company sold 826,815 carats during the period, representing a 9 percent decline. Production...
Mining Apr 16, 2015 Jeff Miller
ALROSA's Udachniy mine
Severalmaz Appoints Pismenny as CEO
ALROSA's chief engineer, Andrey Pismenny, was appointed to the position of CEO of Severalmaz, which operates in the Arkhangelsk region. Pismenny signed a contract for a period of five years. Since 2005, Severalmaz has been developing the...
Mining Apr 16, 2015 Jeff Miller
Judge Sentences Former Jeweler for Money Laundering, Wire Fraud
U.S. District Judge Karon O. Bowdre sentenced former jeweler Joseph Harold Gandy to three years and nine months in prison and to pay $20,000 in restitution to jewelers and forfeit $1.5 million in diamonds and jewelry to the...
Financial-Legal Apr 15, 2015 Jeff Miller
james avery
James Avery Opens Its 71st Location
Family-owned jeweler James Avery opened its newest store at North East Mall in Hurst, Texas, which is roughly in the center of the larger Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area. The new location incorporated James...
Retail Apr 15, 2015 Jeff Miller
Diamcor production
Diamcor's Rough Sale Achieves $842K
Diamcor Mining Inc. sold 4,619.11 carats of rough diamonds for $842,419, net of commissions and fees, for an average price of $182.38 per carat during the fourth quarter that ended on March 31. Diamcor recovered...
Mining Apr 15, 2015 Jeff Miller
zim sm
NGOs Urge Zimbabwe to Consult With Stakeholders in Marange Merger
(RAPAPORT) The Zimbabwean: Civil society has called on the government of Zimbabwe to stop all diamond mining activities and institute an independent commission of inquiry to establish what went wrong in Marange.The Centre for Natural Resource Governance...
Fair Trade Apr 15, 2015 The Zimbabwean
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